Epsilon Iota Alphas Fall 2014 Probate Eternal Inhabitants: Dwellers of the Sacred Temple

This probate video was recorded and edited for The University of Texas Epsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. by the official Jordan Moments team.

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Dean: Adrian SoBlessed IG & Twitter: @AdrianSoBlessed
Assistant Dean: Ike Emesih IG: Iyke_iyke
Fall 2014

Kevin Chan [Legendary ACEian] IG & Twitter: @kchan_64
Michael Akwari [KesanDEUCE] IG & Twitter: @kesandeuce
Edidiong Utin [ConsolidatED IC3] IG & Twitter: @oga_utin @ed_edd_eddi
Kelvin Obimah [Cold PHe4st] IG & Twitter: @kayybeem
Jared Stewart [JuICE] IG & Twitter: @juicestew @juicestew22
Matthew Ealy [PHroz6n RAdemption] IG & Twitter: @mattealy
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