Moment of The Month of May 2014: NAFM (Not Another Fashion Magazine)

NAFM (Not Another Fashion Magazine) is a fashion magazine focusing on the women and ethnicities that are not getting equal representation in the fashion industry. The diversity coalition is a current movement in fashion that fights for more diversity in the industry and is led by Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and Iman. During MBFW in September, Iman said, ” I’ve always said runways and photos are important to shape our young girls… To see models of color on the runway is important to the self-esteem of our young girls. To see otherwise makes them feel like they can be ‘in or out'." NAFM prides itself on being the representation for those that may have otherwise been forgotten.

Come check out some pictures from the photoshoot all shot by photographer Nicollette Mollet along with NAFM's Moment of the Month Page:

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